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Patio Lighting Ideas To Bring Your Outdoor Space To Life 

From catching up on your favorite book while soaking in the warmth of the summer to entertaining friends and family as you watch the sun go down, you spend a good amount of time on your patio. We at lighting(one) of Cincinnati don’t think you should be forced to go inside to have a good time in the evening, just because there’s no more daylight. That’s why we are here to provide you with the best patio and porch light fixtures out there, so you can enjoy your outside oasis, day and night! 

We carry a host of outside patio lights at our lighting showroom in Cincinnati. From different styles and designs to a variety of sizes, finishes, and more, we are certain you will find exactly what you’re looking for to illuminate your porch year-round. Need help deciding what porch light fixtures will look best with your decor? Our lighting experts are here to help you find patio lighting ideas that not only shine light in the area, but also create a harmonious look with the rest of your home’s design. Contact us today to get started!

Types of Outside Patio Lights 

Regardless of if you’re on the lookout for patio lights that have style, function, or both, we have it all here at lighting(one) of Cincinnati. With over 4,000 square feet of lighting fixtures in our showroom, we have endless options for you to create the perfect patio lighting design you’ve always dreamed of. Our lighting experts are able to help you create a lighting combination that not only illuminates your patio, even on the darkest of nights, but that also catches the eye and enhances your home’s design. If you’re interested in receiving expert assistance to discover patio lighting ideas, schedule a consultation with our lighting consultants today. If you’re ready to start browsing the different outdoor lights we carry, check out our online catalog, or stop by our lighting showroom today! 

Different Kinds of Outdoor Porch Lights We Offer: 

Whether you’re just needing to update a few of your porch light fixtures, or you’re looking to create a brand new lighting design, we at lighting(one) at Cincinnati can help with it all! Maybe you like more of a simplistic look with just the necessary porch light fixtures to brighten up your patio. Or maybe you like to make a statement and want a unique lighting design with a combination of different light fixtures. Whatever your style is, we have the products you’re needing to achieve your lighting goals. 

Pro Tip: Our lighting experts here at (lighting)one of Cincinnati are here to give you some insight on different patio lighting ideas to help you hone in on the lighting design you’re looking for. 

    • Outdoor Pendants – If you’re looking for direct lighting to provide better visibility where people will gather, pendant lighting is a great option! The best part? We have endless styles, designs, and sizes to choose from so you can match your existing lighting design perfectly. 
  • Outdoor Chandeliers – If you’re wanting to add a statement piece that’s outside of the box, we recommend considering an outdoor chandelier. By implementing an outdoor chandelier to your lighting design, you can instantly elevate your curb appeal while also providing extra lighting to areas with high foot traffic. 
  • Accent Lighting – Wall lanterns, pier mount lights, and hanging lanterns provide accent lighting to your patio while showcasing your personal style. With added dimension and decor on your porch, it will make your space inviting, warm, and comfortable year-round. 

While we mentioned a few tips and tricks above when it comes to your outdoor lighting design, we haven’t even touched the surface of all of the different options you have when illuminating your patio. For more tips, information, or advice, contact our team today!

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At lighting(one) of Cincinnati, we have the best porch light fixtures that will stand the test of time! Stop by our lighting showroom in Cincinnati today, or browse our online catalog to discover your perfect patio lighting design.