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Outdoor Landscape Lighting Ideas

Let Your Landscaping Shine, Day or Night, With The Best Outdoor Lighting

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Outdoor Path Lights

The landscaping you’ve spent countless hours working on is something you want to enjoy, day and night. At lighting(one) of Cincinnati, we have the best outdoor lighting to make your landscaping shine for you and your guests to enjoy. Be sure you have the best path lights on the market to light up the walkway that leads to your hard work. We have plenty of options to choose from in regard to size, height, and style to match your unique yard seamlessly. Browse our online catalog, or visit our lighting showroom in Cincinnati today to get started!

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Spot Lights

To illuminate your entire yard, we recommend implementing spot lights in your landscape lighting design. In doing so, you and your guests will be able to look out at your wonderful landscaping from a distance and see all of your flowers, trees, plants, and more! For assistance in finding the right size and style of spotlights for your outdoor oasis, schedule a consultation with our lighting experts today!

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Underwater Lighting

If you have a pond or other body of water on your property that you would like to showcase at night, underwater lighting is a great choice! Not only does it glisten in the night beautifully, but it also illuminates it so guests know it’s there when approaching your property. We have a wide variety of sizes and designs to choose from; visit our lighting showroom in Cincinnati today to get started!

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Outdoor Step Lights

Whether you walk down your patio steps to see your landscaping, or you have a lawn with multiple levels, outdoor step lights are a great addition to your landscape lighting design. Not only do they help create a visible walkway when the sun goes down, but it also shines light on all of your flowers and plants along the way! Find the step lights that match your style by browsing our online catalog today!

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Outdoor Garden Lights

Having a thriving garden is no easy feat. Show off your hard work even when the sun sets with garden lights. We have a large selection of different garden lights to make sure your plants and flowers get the attention they deserve here at lighting(one) of Cincinnati. Whether you want to showcase each flower on its own, or provide great overhead lighting for all, we have just what you need!

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Spending time in your outdoor oasis is both relaxing and rewarding. We have every kind of outdoor lighting fixture you could need to make sure your landscaping is the star of the show, each and every night. If you need help selecting the best landscape lighting fixtures for your yard, schedule a consultation with our lighting experts today! We will help you find the type, size, and style of lights that you need to make your landscaping shine. Browse our online catalog, or stop by our lighting store in Cincinnati today!

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