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From watching your favorite shows to hosting gatherings with friends and family, your living room is one of the most used rooms in your home. Not only do you want adequate lighting to illuminate the space, but you also want unique living room light fixtures that match the style and design of your home. At lighting(one) of Cincinnati, we have a host of living room lighting fixtures that are sure to fit any design you can think of.

To find the perfect lighting combination for your living room, stop by our lighting showroom today. Whether you’ve been searching for a specific lighting fixture to complete your living room lighting design, or you are starting from square one and want some guidance on selecting lights, our expert lighting consultants can help!

Types of Living Room Lighting

Living rooms are typically the place where families spend most of their time together when at home. It’s the place you go to relax, catch up, and spend time doing your leisurely activities like reading, crafting, watching television, and so much more. Considering how much time you spend in your living room, it’s important to have a lighting combination that you will enjoy for years to come. From living room ceiling fans to chandeliers, pendants, recessed lighting, and more, the possibilities are endless. Let us help you find the lighting design that speaks to you by stopping by our lighting(one) Cincinnati lighting showroom today! We have over 4,000 square feet of every lighting fixture you can imagine.

Types of Living Room Lighting Fixtures We Offer:

Whether you’re looking for a statement chandelier or you want to add dimension with hanging lights for your living room, you can find it all at lighting(one) of Cincinnati. From extravagant and color fixtures to traditional and simple lighting solutions, our lighting consultants can point you in the direction of living room lights that will bring your entire space together perfectly. Browse our online catalog to get your ideas going, or stop by our lighting showroom today to see what fixtures draw your eye.

Pro Tip: At lighting(one) of Cincinnati, we encourage you to create a lighting design that captures your personal style. When selecting your lights for your living room, here are a few factors to keep in mind to make sure it looks stunning when it’s all said and done:

  • Accent Lighting – Use accent lighting, such as recessed lighting, to highlight certain features in your living room, like a fireplace, artwork, or textured walls.
  • Ambient Lighting – Chandeliers, wall mounts, and pendants are great to cast a warm lighting in your living room and can set the perfect ambiance you’re wanting to create.
  • Decorative and Task Lighting – Lamps, pendants, and chandeliers can add an extra design element you’re wanting to tie the entire room together while providing focused light in one area to read, send out that last email of the day, complete a homework assignment, and much more.

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If you can imagine it, we can provide it here at lighting(one) of Cincinnati. Our expert lighting consultants are highly trained to help you find the lighting solutions you need to bring your ideal living room to life. We take the time to understand what you are wanting and help you find unique lighting fixtures that will work perfectly with your design while also being within your budget. Stop by our showroom today to get started!