Winter weather hasn’t arrived yet in Cincinnati, but residents know it won’t be long before the first flakes begin to fall. At Lighting One, we want homeowners to be sure that their houses are ready for the colder days of the year, and one of the most important things to do before winter arrives is to check your outdoor lighting. Broken fixtures and dim lights can pose hazards during the winter months, plus, you want your home to be warm and inviting when friends and family arrive for the holidays. In this post, we’ll look at what you can do to get your exterior lights ready for the season.

1. Clean Each Fixture

You may have done this in the spring or summer, but it’s a good idea to clean your outdoor fixtures before winter arrives. Carefully wipe down each globe or shade, and remove any glass that has dead bugs trapped inside. Clear out any cobwebs and remove debris to ensure that your lights shine bright on those cold evenings.

2. Swap Out Bulbs

The days are getting shorter, and that can mean that your outdoor lights will be on longer in the evening and during the night. You want to be sure that no burned-out bulbs create dark spots where you need light, and removing those old incandescents and replacing them with LED or CFL options can decrease your monthly energy bills. That can be a very good thing, especially once you hang up all those holiday lights!

3. Check Your Pathway and Landscape Lighting

If a pathway light got knocked over and broken while you were mowing this summer, make sure it’s replaced before winter arrives. People will be using the sidewalk all season, and if it’s icy, you want them to be able to see where they’re going. As for your landscape lighting, the same idea applies – if there are broken or missing fixtures, replace them before the snow falls so that your yard is properly illuminated!

4. Reset Your Timers

Daylight Savings Time arrives on Sunday, November 5th this year, and that means that your outdoor timers won’t be set correctly any longer. Be sure to take the time to go outside and reset them for the new hours so that your lights come on at the right time each evening. This will ensure that your walkways are illuminated and that your exterior lights create a safe environment around your property.

These are just a few things you can do to get your outdoor lighting ready for the winter months. If you need new bulbs, or you’re thinking about adding exterior fixtures this fall, come to Lighting One of Cincinnati today! Our expert staff will gladly help you find the products you need, and we can answer any questions you have about preparing your lights for winter and making sure your fixtures will last through the cold and snowy season.

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