Now that it’s finally June, warmer temperatures should be here to stay in Cincinnati. You may have had your first barbecue over Memorial Day weekend, and now you’re looking forward to having many more. If you’ve noticed that your outdoor lighting is looking a bit dingy or could use an upgrade, Lighting One is here to help. We have a number of exterior fixture options in our showroom, and would love to help you pick out new lights! In this blog, we’ll look at some tips for getting your outdoor area ready for summer.

Clean Your Lights

Your outdoor lights may be looking a bit worse for wear after winter and spring, but there are ways you can clean them up for summer. You want them to shine brightly during your evening gatherings in your backyard, and with these simple steps, you can make them look like new.

1. Switch Off the Juice – Whenever you’re dealing with lighting, it’s important that you cut the power to the fixtures. Your breaker panel should have a switch for your outdoor lights, and turning them off before you begin cleaning can save you from a shock.

2. Exterior lights attract bugs, and you’ll want to clean the dead insects and other debris out of the fixtures. This may require you to detach the cover from the light using a screwdriver and other tools. Make sure you never pull or pry, as that can break the globe or the light itself.

3. With a damp cloth and some mild cleaner, wipe down the fixture, clearing away dust and dirt. This will help the lights shine brighter during your first backyard party.

Change The Bulbs

Chances are there are some bulbs in your outdoor fixtures that are burnt out. While you’re cleaning each fixture, take the time to check the bulbs and if they’re no longer any good, switch them out with a more energy-efficient option. There are a number of LED retrofit bulbs that can work in your older exterior lights, and our experts can help you choose the best options. If a fixture has multiple bulbs, make sure you replace all of them instead of leaving one incandescent or halogen bulb and adding an LED bulb.

Add More Lighting

You may decide, while you’re working on your backyard, that there isn’t quite enough lighting for the area’s intended purpose. You don’t want there to be too much light, but if people can’t see as they come and go, or you’ve built a new seating area and the lights are rather far away, it can be a good idea to add more fixtures. This may require additional wiring, but when you’re ready to choose new outdoor fixtures, the team at Lighting One Cincinnati will be here to help.

Don’t let too much of the summer go by before you turn your attention to your outdoor lighting. If you need new fixtures, new bulbs, or even design advice, visit our showroom today. We’re here Monday through Saturday to help however we can!