Fall is only a few days away, and you’re probably thinking about what you need to do to get your house ready for the changing weather (if you haven’t started already). Hopefully you used some of the fall lighting tips we covered in our last post to get your indoor and outdoor fixtures ready for the season, but if you found that certain areas of your home’s exterior needs more light, you might be thinking about adding some permanent fixtures. Now is a great time to do that, as you should be able to spend at least a few more evenings enjoying your front porch or your backyard. Lighting One of Cincinnati is here to help you find the perfect options!

Areas that Need More Light

Once you’ve checked your outdoor lighting to see that each bulb is working, take the time to see where each fixture is shining its light. You may not be the original owner of the house, so you weren’t involved in the layout and design of the exterior fixtures, and you may be using the backyard for a different purpose than was originally intended. Perhaps you’ve added a deck or a walkway that leads to a fire pit area, and these spaces could use a bit more light. You’ll have to check the range of light from each fixture at night to get the best understanding of where more light is needed, and it can be beneficial to make a map or diagram of each fixture’s location (when you’re back inside or during the day, of course).

Updating Old Fixtures

You might not want to start a complete exterior lighting overhaul before fall or winter arrives, but it can be a good idea to replace those old fixtures now rather than later. Perhaps that old porch light has an issue with its connection, or maybe your deck lighting looks like it was installed 10 years ago. Regardless of the circumstances, replacing one or two fixtures can provide more ambiance and safety for the outside of your home. Not only that, but new lights can also provide brighter and wider illumination, which often takes care of the problem we talked about above.

Check Your Exterior Outlets

Once you’ve checked or replaced your permanent outdoor lights, take the time to check your exterior outlets. Make sure they’re not covered with debris or being obstructed by anything, as this will make life easier when it comes time to hang those holiday lights in a few months. You may also need the outlets for your electric leaf blower or lawn mower when you’re cleaning up leaves this fall.

Adding new exterior lighting doesn’t have to be just something you do in the spring or summer. You’re getting the outside of your house ready for fall, so why not take the opportunity to update your lights? At Lighting One of Cincinnati, we have a fantastic selection from which to choose, and our expert staff is always happy to help however they can.

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