Nostalgia is an emotion reserved only for humans. No other animal thinks on the past like humans do, placing value in objects and memories merely because they mean something to us. This is one of hundreds of things that separates humans from the rest of the animal kingdom.

Here at Lighting One of Cincinnati we believe in the value of nostalgia and of remembering the good times you spent with loved ones, doing activities you love to do and making the most out of life. Oftentimes, a light fixture can hold certain nostalgia for us, especially if it is an heirloom passed down from a loved one. However, this light fixture may not work properly anymore. Instead of throwing away a light, bring it to Lighting One for lighting repair. In fact, there are many reasons you should invest in lighting repair besides just for nostalgia. Read our blog post below to learn why lighting repair is worth your time. Contact us today!


  • Save the environment. Landfills are filling up faster as the population continues to grow. And as more and more homes are being built and remodeled, more light fixtures are ending up in the trash. Save your light fixture by sprucing up its looks, such as investing in a new lamp shade, or repairing the outlet itself.
  • Save you money. What to you seems like an impossibility may be to our professional lighting technicians an easy fix. Rather than throw away a perfectly good lamp or light fixture that only needs a tweak, give Lighting One of Cincinnati a call, or bring in your lamp or light fixture today. Often, it’s a faulty wire that just needs replaced or a simple light socket replacement. Light repairs can save you a lot of money versus the price of a brand new light fixture.
  • Preserve your memories. Lamps and light fixtures can hold fond childhood memories for us, such as reading bedtime stories by the light every night with your mother who recently passed away or a lamp that has traveled to every home you’ve lived in. Preserving items in our lives that have meaning and evoke memories actually make us who we are and contribute to our worldview. Our memories make up our consciousness. They allow you to learn. And they give meaning to life. Preserve your special family heirlooms; they are a part of you.

Lighting One of Cincinnati desires to help you keep your heirlooms, save you money, and save the environment through lamp repair and light fixture repair. Our prices are reasonable, and you’ll receive a working light fixture to last a lifetime — and pass down if desired. While you’re dropping off your lamp for repairs, you can visit our lighting showroom in Cincinnati. We offer all types of lighting, including indoor lighting for all of your rooms and outdoor lighting, including wall lanterns and solar lights. From ceiling fans to chandeliers, Lighting One of Cincinnati can help. Contact us today!