5775524Ok I admit it, as a lighting guy I was slow to jump on the LED bandwagon. For me that all changed when I recently remodeled my basement, you could say I had one of those light bulb moments, pardon the pun.

Almost all basements require a great deal of recessed lighting as there is very little natural light coming in from windows. Our design called for 18 recessed fixtures. One other design criteria we had to consider was the amount of time some of the lights would be on as we have 3 beautiful parrots which require a lot of light for long periods of the day. The standard 65 Watt incandescent light bulb is the typical bulb of choice for recessed lighting but with only 750 lumens this was far from enough light to meet the needs of our birds. What we really needed were bulbs that could produce 1100 to 1200 lumens. In the past, we would have chosen PAR 38, 90 Watt bulbs as they provide about 1220 lumens of light but with the recent governmental changes to lighting specifications, these lights will no longer be available Thus my journey into LED.

In my opinion there is no better choice than LED for recessed lighting. There are numerous options and price points to choose from and best of all the energy savings pays for the initial investment. In my basement remodel, we used 8 LED fixtures where we keep our birds. So let’s do the math comparisons.

8 – 90 Watt (1200 Lumen) incandescent bulbs on for 10 hours a day use 7200 Watts or 7.2 Kilowatts of power per day. The average cost of electricity in Ohio is 11.2 cents per kilowatt hour. So for a single day the costs of these 8 bulbs is .81 cents per day, $24.19 per month, $294.34 per year and the bulbs only last about 8 months. Each bulb cost approximately $6.00 each. So my total annual investment for 90 Watt incandesents is $342.00 per year. Now lets compare that to LED

8 – 18 Watt (1100 Lumen) LEDs on for 10 hours a day use 1440 Watts or 1.4 Kilowatts of power per day. At 11.2 cents per Kilowatt hour my costs is .16 cents per day, $4.84 per month, $58.87 per year and the LED lights last about 11 years. The LED lights I chose (Satco S8992) cost $49.00 each so my initial annual invest is $450.87.

The savings pay for the LED lights in just 2 years and the next 9 years of savings is money in my pocket. If we compare the costs over 11 years to include bulb replacement, 90 Watt Incandescents will cost me $3,993.60 versus $1037.12 over the same time period for LED.

LED technology is rapidly changing making many LED fixtures much more affordable and providing many more choices for consumers. Ay LightingOne of Cincinnati we have a very knowledgable staff to help you and many LED options to choose from. Please stop by our showroom so we can help you begin saving money today.