569753Every now and then you run across one of those situations where finding the right light to meet your need can be very frustrating. That was the case here where the homeowners, Dr. and Mrs. Zalta, had very little room between the top of their exterior patio door and the patio ceiling. I must admit that this picture does not show the true magnificence of the deck/patio combination and finding the right lighting element to meet their deign criteria was quite challenging, not any light would do. Most wall sconces are designed to hang vertically but with such a tight space, a little more creativity was necessary. With much collaboration between the Zalta’s and our Lighting Consultant, Barb Uhl, these Elk LED sconces were the perfect choice. Again this picture does not capture how well these fixtures tie into the overall design but I must admit it was a very innovative and creative idea. I want to thank Dr. and Karen Zalta for allowing us to share and appreciate the design challenge they provided us.