We all enjoy the lights in our homes due to the illumination that they provide, whether it’s ambient, accent, or task lighting. Lights make our lives easier, but they’re also there to provide design aspects that enhance our home and make each space more interesting. It’s not usually a good idea to choose a light based solely on its design, but it’s okay for your fixtures to be interesting and to stir up conversation when guests come to visit. At Lighting One of Cincinnati, we’re always excited to meet new customers and to help them discover lights that fit their design vision and that bring more interesting features into their home.

The Ceiling Lights

Your ceiling lights are perhaps the most interesting fixtures in your home, and with good reason. They’re often the focal point of a room, and they’re the first thing that people see when they enter a space. Whether it’s a living room or dining room chandelier, or a unique pendant light in your kitchen, your ceiling lights can inspire and inform the rest of your lighting design. Everything from the shape to the color can help you decide how to furnish and decorate the rest of the room.

The Lamps

While ceiling lights may get most of the attention, it doesn’t mean that other fixtures can’t be interesting. A table or floor lamp can be the perfect conversation starter, especially if it has a unique shape or design. Large floor lamps that arch over a couch or chair can garner more attention than a light that’s hanging from the ceiling, and a colorful table lamp can provide the perfect accent to a seating area. If you have a vintage lamp that you want to add to your home, we can repair it and make sure it’s working properly for years to come!

The Wall Lights

Your home’s lighting shouldn’t be limited to fixtures that are attached to the ceiling or that sit on the floor or an end table. Wall lights are an important part of nearly every room’s design, and sconces, swing-arm lamps, and other fixtures can add lots of interest to a space. They’re often categorized as accent or task lighting, but they offer that extra layer of illumination that can make a room feel complete. Whether you’re adding them in the dining room or the bathroom, well-placed wall lots have a lot to offer in terms of design and decor.

It’s important to evaluate your lighting every so often to determine which fixtures are working and which ones aren’t, and it’s also a good idea to look at the design and appeal of each fixture every few years. Is it adding interest to the space, or is it merely providing functional light? At Lighting One of Cincinnati, we can help you find new fixtures that will improve the appeal of every room in your home, as well as provide the light you need to perform everyday tasks and live comfortably in your house.

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