Besides our jobs and/or school, we spend the most amount of time in our bedrooms. If you average eight hours of sleep a night plus the amount of time you spend doing other activities in your bedroom, you probably spend about 10 hours a day there. Hence, you’ll want great bedroom lighting, especially when it’s winter time and daylight hours are limited. Lighting One of Cincinnati offers the best bedroom lighting solutions. Below, we’ll review the particular type of light fixtures that will look good in your bedroom. Contact us today!


  1. Recessed lighting. Bedrooms are a place we go to to relax. You want lighting that is not only soft and soothing, but also can be bright for when you need to see to put your shoes on. Recessed lighting on a dimmer is the perfect solution for both needs.
  2. Scones. A lot of us like to read in bed before we go to sleep. Wall scones placed on both sides of the bed offer the perfect solution to light that will shine on your book as well as add style to your bedroom. Lighting One of Cincinnati recommends installing wall scones at six feet in height so the light bulb won’t be visible.
  3. Ceiling fans. The quintessential bedroom necessity, ceiling fans both keep your room cool in the long summer nights and offer up great overhead lighting when you need it. There are many options available for ceiling fans as well as styles, whether you want the light to be soft or bright or the fan to be decorative or utilitarian.
  4. Standing lamps. Besides wall scones, lamps create amazing task lighting for all of your tasks in bed, from reading to working on your computer. Lamps are a great option if you decide to rearrange your bedroom furniture as they are portable and look great anywhere.
  5. Table lamps. Smaller than standing lamps, table lamps fit great on smaller furniture items in your bedroom, such as a dresser. Great for task lighting and accent lighting, table lamps are available in most materials, from glass to metal and a variety of sizes to suit your needs. Table lamps can also be used to highlight bedroom accessories, such as special family photos.
  6. Pendant lighting. Dare to be different with pendant lighting. Small and dainty, pendant lighting serves as great accent lighting solutions as well as space savers when you need every square inch of your bedroom surfaces.

Lighting One of Cincinnati offers lighting design for your bedroom. Light can be used to add style as well as functionality to your bedroom. Since you’re spending so much time in your bedroom, you’ll want indoor lighting solutions that work. In addition to indoor lighting, Lighting One also offers outdoor lighting solutions, from hanging lanterns and marine lights to light orbs and lamps. We’re passionate about allowing you to do the activities you love via providing a lighting solution that is functional, practical, aesthetically-pleasing, and adds value and comfort to your home. If you’re in the greater Cincinnati area, contact us for a lighting consultation today!