Look around your house — how many rooms have lamps in them? You’ll most likely find them in your bedroom, living room, home office, and perhaps a few other spaces. Lamps are versatile light fixtures that can be used anywhere you have an outlet, and they provide illumination where you need it most. At Lighting One of Cincinnati, we love helping customers find new lamps, and in this post, we’ll cover some spots where they can be the most beneficial.

Bedside Tables

While this may seem like an obvious one, you may be surprised about how many people still try to read before bed by only using the room’s overhead light. A bedside lamp provides illumination that’s not coming from above, which means your head and shoulders won’t cast a shadow on the page you’re trying to read. Bedroom lamps also provide light when you’re watching TV before turning in, since staring at a screen in the dark can cause unwanted eye strain.

Living Room Nooks

Depending on the design and layout of your living room, you may need a few lamps to light certain areas. If you have a special reading nook where you like to sit, a well-placed floor lamp that provides over-the-shoulder light can be a great choice. The nook may not get enough light from the overhead fixture, and just as with the bedroom, it’s never a good idea to read with minimal light.

Living Room Zones

If your living room has distinct areas or “zones,” such as those used for playing games, enjoying coffee and conversation with friends, and watching TV, consider adding lamps in each of these areas. A table or wall lamp can be a great help when playing Monopoly or working on a puzzle, and floor lamps can help define a sitting area, especially after the sun has set.

You most likely turn off the overhead lights when you’re watching a movie, but people still need to be able to see as they get up to get more snacks or use the bathroom. Leaving a lamp on can help everyone see their popcorn, and there are certain fixtures that can be put on dimmer controls so that you can raise and lower the levels as needed. If you don’t have or want to invest in wall sconces, lamps can be a great option.

Finding the Right Bulbs

Once you’ve picked your lamps and put them where you need or want them, it’s important to make sure you have the right bulbs for each fixture. There are a number of CFL, halogen, and LED options on the market, and you’ll want to be sure you choose the proper lumens and color temperature for your particular task or purpose. Our expert staff can help you choose the right options, and explain how and why each bulb will (or won’t) work with each lamp. Above all, we want you to be completely satisfied with the level of service and product selection that you receive.

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