When it comes to your home’s lighting, it’s important to choose fixtures that fit your personal style and your budget. It’s also important to find fixtures that are the right size for a particular space, such as the chandelier for your dining room. Scale plays an integral part in lighting, and the experts at Lighting One of Cincinnati can help you choose options that look great in your house.

Lighting That’s Too Large

It’s a fine idea to make a statement with your lighting, especially with the main ambient fixture in the middle of the room. A hanging fixture in the living room can serve as a focal point for the space, but you want to make sure the light isn’t too big. Lighting that’s too large can detract from the rest of the room, as it can overwhelm the space and make everything else feel smaller by comparison. When shopping for new overhead lighting, make sure you know the dimensions of the room, especially how high the ceiling is, and if it’s vaulted or curved in any way. You’ll want your light to fit within its given space, instead of seeming like it’s crowding the edges of the room.

Lighting That’s Too Small

Smaller lights can be key in illuminating the lower levels of the room, and appropriately sized lamps and sconces can make a room feel complete. However, if you have a large wall to light, or you need the floor lamp to brighten a seating area, then make sure the fixtures are the right scale in proportion to what they’re illuminating. If you have a larger couch or love seat, then you don’t want the floor lamp to seem like it’s barely peeking over the edge. If you have a large wall with sconces, then make sure the fixtures are large enough to spread light across most of the surface. The main drawbacks of lights that are too small for a space are that they don’t provide enough light and they make the surrounding decor look bigger by comparison.

Understanding Scale

You may have already visited our showroom and found a fixture that you absolutely love. It might be big or it might be small, but you know that it will look great in your house. If you’re worried about scale, then talk to one of our expert staff and they will help you decide where the best spot will be for your new lighting solution. Again, it’s important to have the dimensions of each room that you want to light so that we can help you understand the scale of your new fixture and how it will look and function within a given space. You may find that instead of putting that new chandelier in your dining room, it would look better in your entryway!

At Lighting One of Cincinnati, we love helping people find the ideal home lighting options. If you’re thinking of updating your lights, or you simply want to look at new designs, then please visit us today.

We look forward to seeing you soon!