Your living room is often the center of activity in the house, and you may use it for watching TV, entertaining guests, and playing games. The lighting in this room should include all three categories – ambient, accent, and task – and it’s important that each area of the space is properly illuminated. At Lighting One of Cincinnati, we can help you find the perfect living room light fixtures so that you can optimize the space for ultimate enjoyment and comfort!

Creating Intimacy

If you live alone, or it’s just you and your spouse or partner, you may want your living room to be a close, intimate space where you can cuddle up and watch a movie or your favorite TV shows together. The overhead light, whether it’s a small chandelier, flush-mount light, or ceiling fan with a light kit, should be able to be dimmed so that you can set the levels exactly where you want. The same is true for your wall sconces and lamps – being able to reduce the light levels can create that intimate feeling that you want.

A Cozy Environment

Even if you have a large living room, you can still create a cozy environment that feels inviting when guests come to visit. Setting up several seating areas with comfy chairs and couches will allow people to sit and converse while they enjoy drinks or appetizers. Adding a few floor and table lamps will provide the light you need without over-saturating the space. Lamps also allow you to add a decorative touch that completes the ambiance.

Taking Care of Tasks

Perhaps you have a favorite reading nook in your living room, or you’ve placed a writing desk in the corner. If that’s the case, it’s important to have the right task lighting for these areas. A floor lamp or swing-arm wall lamp will help you see when reading, and a desk lamp is imperative when you’re sorting through bills or penning a handwritten letter. These lights should be on their own switches or outlets, since you’re only going to be using them at certain times of the day.

Setting Your Layers

Layering light is important in every room, but the opportunity to do so is perhaps more prevalent in the living room than any other space in your home. No matter what your floor plan looks like, there is a way to add ambient, accent, and task lighting that transforms the room from a one-dimensional space into a multi-functional utopia. With the blend of overhead lighting from a chandelier or ceiling fan, accent light from multiple floor and table lamps, and task lighting from wall and desk fixtures, you can use your living room however you need.

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