We all know where the most common places are in a house to hang a chandelier: your dining room, in your kitchen, in your foyer and so on. These are all elegant and classic places to hang a chandelier, of course, but we find it’s important to think out of the box and to find other unique areas in your home to hang a chandelier.

In this blog post, we’ll list at least five of those unique areas, and you’ll find placing a chandelier fixture in these spaces will give your home some extra flair and spunk. At lighting(one) of Cincinnati, we’re proud of our large selection of chandelier fixtures, ranging from classic crystal pieces to bolder contemporary pieces, in our beautiful 4,000-square-foot lighting showroom. We make it our goal to provide the community with the best possible lighting selections from top national brands we know and trust.

Ready to find a chandelier for the unique areas in your Cincinnati home? Call or visit us today, and continue reading below for our favorite, trendy spaces in your house to hang a chandelier fixture.

1. Your Walk-In Closet.

If your walk-in closet is large enough, style it up and add some functional lighting with a gorgeous chandelier fixture. Crystal or shaded chandeliers are best for this area, as these types of chandeliers provide sufficient lighting without being extremely overwhelming.

2. In Your Bathroom.

One of the most “in” places to hang a chandelier right now is in your bathroom, especially above your bathtub. A chandelier adds a sense of elegance and relaxation for when you want to take a bath to wind down from your busy day, and it definitely enhances the overall beauty of your bathroom.

Budget-friendly tip: If one large chandelier is too much to swing, we suggest hanging two smaller chandeliers above your sinks, if you have a double sink structure. This can sometimes be more cost-effective, and the symmetrical design is one that will beautifully enhance the room.

3. Outside.

Who knew there was such a thing as an outdoor chandelier? We’re here to tell you that there are, and they’ll look gorgeous on your Ohio front porches or back patios.

4. Your Laundry Room.

Turn a boring, chore-driven room into one you’ll love spending time in by simply installing a chandelier. You can either hang this lighting fixture above your washer and dryer, or you can place it in the middle of the room. Either way, you’ll be happy you did, and your laundry Sundays will be that much more enjoyable in a stylish and chic room.

5. Above The Side Tables In Your Bedroom.

In order to save yourself some table space and add a sophisticated element of lighting design to your bedroom, we recommend hanging two smaller chandeliers above the side tables in your bedroom. You can even install a dimming option for these chandeliers in order to adjust how bright they shine.

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