1. Your Front Porch Lighting

    The front porch of your house is the first thing people see as they approach your home, and it’s important to have warm, inviting light that welcomes them. You also want to be sure that you have enough lighting so that your house feels secure and that you feel safe when you come home after the sun has set. At Lighting One of Cincinnati, we have a fantastic selection of outdoor lighting that is p…Read More

  2. Updating Your Kitchen Lighting

    We wrote previously about optimizing your bedroom lighting, and in this post, we’ll look at another room in your house that needs the perfect lighting in order to be functional and comfortable – the kitchen. Having the right kitchen lighting can make it easier to cook, clean, and entertain, and at Lighting One of Cincinnati, we have the perfect fixtures for your home. It may not require a majo…Read More

  3. Choosing Your New Crystal Chandelier

    If you’ve decided that a crystal chandelier would look perfect in your home’s entryway, you may be wondering what size of fixture you will need. There are countless options to choose from, and you want to make sure you end up with one that looks perfect in your house. At Lighting One of Cincinnati, we can help you pick a chandelier that’s the right size, style, and shape. In this post, we’…Read More

  4. Getting Your Backyard Lighting Ready for Summer

    Now that it’s finally June, warmer temperatures should be here to stay in Cincinnati. You may have had your first barbecue over Memorial Day weekend, and now you’re looking forward to having many more. If you’ve noticed that your outdoor lighting is looking a bit dingy or could use an upgrade, Lighting One is here to help. We have a number of exterior fixture options in our showroom, and wou…Read More

  5. Optimizing Your Bedroom Lighting

    Your bedroom is where you relax after a long day, perhaps read in bed before falling asleep, and get a good night’s rest. It’s a personal and private space, and while guests don’t see it, you want your bedroom to be comfortable and inviting. The main component of proper aesthetic and functionality is, of course, the lighting. Bedroom lighting can be simple or complex, but above all, it shoul…Read More

  6. How High Should You Hang Your Chandelier?

    There are countless chandelier options on the market today, and picking the best one can seem like a challenge. You want a fixture that fits your personal style, and that accentuates and illuminates the space in which it will hang. At Lighting (One) of Cincinnati, we love helping people find the ideal chandeliers for their home, and in this post, we’ll look at the proper height for your new ceil…Read More

  7. Pathway Lighting Styles

    In our last post, we discussed some basic methods homeowners can use to make their outdoor lighting more effective through illumination of pathways and sidewalks. If you liked that idea, then you may be looking into taking your walkways from dark and treacherous to bright and exciting. However, you might be at a loss for what type of exterior light fixtures you should utilize. Is post lighting mor…Read More

  8. Tips for Effective Pathway Lighting

    As we approach the warmer months of the year, it’s likely you are planning how to best utilize your home’s outdoor space. From ensuring you have enough outdoor seating to keeping your patio well lit to ensure you and your guests can enjoy each other’s company well after the sun goes down, lighting is important to more than just the interior of your home. It is especially important that your …Read More

  9. Cleaning Your Hanging Crystal Chandelier

    A chandelier can be the decorative focal point of any room. However, if it’s covered in dust and dirt, the effect can be severely lacking. With the crystal and fragility of these fixtures, it can be daunting to attempt to clean and shine your chandelier, even if it is necessary. We want to assure you that cleaning your lighting fixture is nothing to worry about. The Lighting One of Cincinnati te…Read More