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  1. Tips to extend your outdoor living spaces all year round

    The prevalence and popularity of outdoor living comforts are on the rise, as homeowners become accustomed to the many benefits exterior spaces have to offer. With cooler and shorter days just around the corner, now is the time to start preparing the outdoor spaces of your home for relaxing and entertaining that will transcend the seasons. Don’t let the darkness chase you indoors; with the right…Read More

  2. Thoughts on Shopping Small

    Each year, the Saturday after Thanksgiving is proclaimed "Small Business Saturday". Everyday millions of customers visit the large corporate box stores for good reason - they offer a wide variety of goods at a reasonable price. So I began to think, what does a small business like ours and others within our community have to offer that the big box stores don't? I can think of many ways to answer t…Read More

  3. Can contemporary design include crystal chandeliers?

    Written by: Vicki Payne Source: The Charlotte Observer Trying to maneuver through the rules of the design world can sometimes feel like walking across a minefield. We want to categorize every product as traditional, contemporary, rustic, lodge, industrial, modern or French country. We are so concerned about those labels that we often second-guess our design decisions. In reality, you can make alm…Read More

  4. Take the Guess Work Out of Shopping for New Light Bulbs

    It's been over 2 years now since regulations changed requiring light bulbs to use 25% to 80% less energy. Consumers are still trying to understand which bulbs to purchase to replace their existing 100W, 75W, 60W, and 40W bulbs. I recently found the article below from the U.S.Department of Energy's website which I hope you find helpful. On our "How To" page I have also uploaded a video that helps …Read More

  5. Incandescent Light Bulb Changes for 2014

    By Mary Boone - reprinted from Feeling in the dark about lightbulbs? You're not alone. New federal regulations regarding the sale of incandescent lightbulbs are a little confusing. Many consumers mistakenly believe the new standards, included in the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007, ban the sale of incandescent bulbs. Not true. Rather, the federal government has placed new eff…Read More

  6. Innovative Use of LED Wall Sconces

    Every now and then you run across one of those situations where finding the right light to meet your need can be very frustrating. That was the case here where the homeowners, Dr. and Mrs. Zalta, had very little room between the top of their exterior patio door and the patio ceiling. I must admit that this picture does not show the true magnificence of the deck/patio combination and finding the r…Read More

  7. Getting Personal with Lighting

    For years my wife has been after me to finish the basement, a place to entertain, watch movies, a place for friends and family to gather. I had lots of excuses not to, heating ducts were in the way, plumbing would have to be moved, etc, etc. So finally after much prodding, I took on the task. As I have been around residential construction most of my life, I knew we had to start with a good plan. …Read More

  8. LED Lighting

    Ok I admit it, as a lighting guy I was slow to jump on the LED bandwagon. For me that all changed when I recently remodeled my basement, you could say I had one of those light bulb moments, pardon the pun. Almost all basements require a great deal of recessed lighting as there is very little natural light coming in from windows. Our design called for 18 recessed fixtures. One other design criteri…Read More

  9. Interesting Facts about Ceiling Fans You Need to Know

    Since German-American inventor Philip Diehl created the first-ever electrical ceiling way back in the late 19th century, this well known household item has seen a lot of changes through the years up until its current form. Diehl built his original design using small motors and had the fan enhanced using lighting kits that essentially made the design look like a combination of chandelier and fan. M…Read More

  10. New Project Photos

    Please take a moment to view some of the latest photos uploaded in our projects section on the home page. A big thank you to Mr. & Mrs. Mirkos for sharing these beautiful Kitchen photos. What a great project.…Read More


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