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How To Size Ceiling Fans In Your Home

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Sizing Ceiling Fans In Your Home, Made Easy!

When it comes to selecting a ceiling fan for your home, there’s more to consider than the color or style of fan you’d like. It’s important to select the right size of fan for the space so that it not only regulates the temperature as effectively as possible, but so that it doesn’t make the space seem smaller or crowded. Our lighting experts at lighting(one) of Cincinnati are here to provide you with suggestions on how to size ceiling fans in your home! Browse fixtures online today, and continue reading for helpful tips and tricks.

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What To Consider When Determining Ceiling Fan Sizes

It’s important to select the right size ceiling fan for a room to make sure the air is properly circulated in the area, while also providing the right illumination in the space. A ceiling fan that is too large for a room can be overpowering, even on the lowest setting. On the other hand, a ceiling fan that is too small in a room won’t be able to effectively cool the area like it should. Below, we will provide general recommendations for what size of ceiling fans work best in certain spaces.

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How To Size A Ceiling Fan Depending On The Room Size

The easiest way to select the right ceiling fan for a room is to consider the diameter of the fan. The reason being, the diameter of the fan determines the amount of air that can be properly circulated. Here are some recommendations depending on the size of the room that you want to have a ceiling fan installed in:

If the room you are wanting to incorporate a ceiling fan into is 100 square feet or less in diameter, you should look for a ceiling fan that is about 30 to 48 inches in diameter. Typically rooms of this size are laundry rooms and home offices.

For rooms that are around 400 square feet, you can shop for medium-sized ceiling fans that range from 48 to 54 inches in diameter. Rooms of this size in the average home are living rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms.

If the space you are wanting to implement a ceiling fan is larger than the other rooms in your home like a foyer or even an outdoor patio area, you can opt for a larger ceiling fan to ensure the air circulation will be effective for a room of that size. From open-concept areas to a loft with a lot of open space, larger ceiling fans are a great addition.

Need help sizing your space and finding the right ceiling fan to implement? Our lighting experts at lighting(one) of Cincinnati are here to help! Schedule a consultation, and we will help narrow your selection to the perfect size of ceiling fan that your room needs.

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From regulating the temperature in your home to also providing ample lighting in a space, ceiling fans are one of the most versatile home lighting fixtures you can have. Additionally, you can install dimmers and controls to set the mood any time of day. With all of that being said, when you’re shopping for a new ceiling fan for your home, be sure you select a ceiling fan that not only matches your style and home’s decor, but one that also works effectively in your space. Browse ceiling fans online today, or stop by our lighting store in Cincinnati! We have a large selection of styles and sizes for you to choose from. 

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