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Ramping Up Your Home Office’s Lighting Design? 

Have you noticed the light fixtures in your home office are dingy or outdated? If so, we at lighting(one) of Cincinnati are here to help elevate your home office’s lighting design so you can be more productive while working from home. Browse our online catalog to spark your inspiration, or schedule a lighting consultation with our experts today to get started. 

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Key Light Fixtures To Have In Your Home Office

As with any room, you want to make sure you have a layered lighting design to balance the room and provide the best illumination possible. Consider having an overhead light in the center of the room, like a flush mount, ceiling fan, or something similar. Take it up a notch by installing a dimmer on that light fixture so you can brighten or soften the lighting in the room as you wish. Then, layer the lighting design with wall sconces, lamps, and more to create the perfect lighting design for your home office. Continue reading for our tips on where to place each of the fixtures for the best lighting possible. 

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How To Layer Your Home Office Light Fixtures

The great part about a home office is that you get to customize the space with light fixtures that fit your style and needs. You can choose a simple lighting design with just a few fixtures, or you can layer the lighting in your home office with many different fixtures. The choice is yours! Here are some tips on where to place certain light fixtures for the best illumination: 

  • Overhead Lighting - Whether you decide on a flush mount,ceiling fan,chandelier, or other overhead lighting fixture, place the fixture of your choice over the center of the room to provide general lighting. Recessed lights are a great option as well to provide balanced lighting. 

  • Wall Sconces - To provide additional lighting in your home office without taking up valuable space, consider . They are stylish while also providing task lighting around your workspace without adding clutter. 

  • Lamps - Lamps are a great light fixture to include in your home office, seeing as they can provide additional lighting while you fill out paperwork or send off that last email for the night.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to creating a lighting design in your home office. Need help figuring out what fixtures would be best for your space? Our lighting experts are here to help! Schedule a consultation today. 

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Illuminate Your Home Office Today!

When working from home, we at lighting(one) of Cincinnati know how important it is to have a well-lit space where you can focus and be productive. We have all of the light fixtures you could need to make sure your home office’s lighting design is setting you up for success.Browse our online catalogtoday, orschedule a consultation with a lighting expert. We are here to help! 

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