Most people think a ceiling fan is just a ceiling fan: a few blades stuck together that spin and move air around the room, making you cooler. While this is what a ceiling fan does, it is not all that a ceiling fan can be. In truth, there are as many different kinds of ceiling fans as there are ways to make cookies (which a ceiling fan comes in handy as kitchen lighting when you’re baking in the summer).

Lighting One of Cincinnati is a locally owned small business that offers lighting solutions to meet your needs, from interior lighting, such as bedroom lighting, and outdoor lighting, such as landscape lighting. Our beautiful showroom lets you see what lights would look like in person. In this blog post, we’re going to review some common ceiling fan accessories, many of which you can use to make your ceiling fan unique. Contact us today!


  • Ceiling fan blades. Commonly, ceiling fans are sold with cheap, plastic blades that can break and crack easily and look horrible when dusty. Why not switch out your old ceiling fan blades for a new look? Ceiling fan blades that are sleek and contoured are actually more aerodynamic, which means they are much more efficient at moving the air around. Or, try using actual fans for fan blades that are reminiscent of summer vacations at the beach.
  • Ceiling fan downrod. A ceiling fan downrod is the long shaft that attaches the fan to the ceiling. These come in all materials and all colors, finishes, and varnishes for optimal customization. Choose from antique-satin brass to pewter gunmetal to make for an eye-catching lighting design. Lighting One of Cincinnati recommends that you hang your ceiling fan between eight and nine feet from the floor, which optimizes the airflow in the room.
  • Ceiling light. If your ceiling fan does not have a light, it’s time to add one! Ceiling lights on ceiling fans can make great accent lighting or even provide the main light in the room. With ceiling lights that attach to fans, you can customize to your heart’s content. Whether you choose to have one bulb or multi-bulbs, or you choose a beautiful stained glass ceiling fan light or an economical LED lighting fixture, Lighting One of Cincinnati has got hundreds of options for you to choose from.

Lighting One of Cincinnati believes in the importance of light in your life. Without light, it’s truly hard to see to accomplish all of the tasks your life now requires, from doing dishes at night and reading books to your kids to getting up in the middle of the night to check on baby or to check on your new puppy. We offer lighting repair for your beloved heirloom, as well as lighting design. We contract with builders to offer the best lighting solutions at the best prices. We believe in making your life bright with light. Visit our lighting showroom, schedule a lighting consultation, or contact us today!