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Recessed Lighting

It’s essential to have general illumination in a bathroom, and recessed lighting does just that! At lighting(one) of Cincinnati, we have a large selection of recessed lights ranging in different styles, sizes, and colors. Browse our online catalog to find ceiling lights that match your exact bathroom design!

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Bathroom Wall Sconces

For additional task lighting in your bathroom, we recommend wall sconces. These are great to mount around your mirror to provide illumination for daily tasks like grooming, applying makeup, and more. Whether you want minimalistic wall sconces or eye-catching wall sconces to make a statement in your space, we have it all here at lighting(one) of Cincinnati.

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Pendant Lighting

Pendant lighting is a great way to add illumination in certain areas of your bathroom while also elevating the aesthetics of your space. They are a great source of general lighting and can be installed wherever you’d like, whether over the bathtub, in the center of your bathroom, or in multiple places to add some dimension and design. Need help selecting the right pendant lights for your bathroom? Schedule a consultation with our lighting experts today!

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Bathroom Chandeliers

On the lookout for a bathroom light fixture that will really stand out and showcase your eye for design? Bathroom chandeliers are a great way to brighten up the space while also elevating the style of your bathroom. Whether you want classic, contemporary, or modern chandeliers, we have a large selection to choose from at our lighting showroom in Cincinnati. Stop by today and take a look at the different sizes, styles, and colors we have available!

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Bathroom Vanity Lights

You spend a decent amount of time in front of your mirror in your bathroom to look your best for any and every occasion. Bathroom vanity lights are extremely functional and practical bathroom light fixtures that help eliminate shadows and provide you with the lighting you need for daily tasks. Browse our selection of vanity lights in our online catalog, or stop by our lighting store in Cincinnati today to get started!

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Shop Bathroom Light Fixtures Today!

Whether you’re looking for a specific bathroom light fixture to add to your space, or you’re wanting to create a brand new lighting design in your bathroom, we at lighting(one) of Cincinnati are here to help! Schedule a consultation with our lighting experts today, or stop by our lighting showroom today!

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